Becoming Dream Characters

Becoming Dream Characters

A therapist once suggested that when I wake up from a dream, I try seeing the dream from the point of view of other characters that were in the dream, becoming them one at a time.

I tried this with AMAZING results:

A Dream example

Dream Home

Dream Home

In the dream I was so happy in my little home up in the clouds at the very top of a high mountain peak. But bad guys on horseback came galloping up from below, and knocked my happy home off the mountain. I was so sad.

So now awake, I tried looking at the dream from the “bad guy’s” point of view. It worked! I remembered the whole dream again from HIS viewpoint, just as clearly as I had from my own viewpoint, only now with his feelings and values. He loved the pleasure of making high things fall.

Then I remembered recently dreaming a few nights before, that a train had fallen from a high bridge far above, crashing into the river below, and how I had loved watching it happen.

Then I realized the “good guy” and the “bad guy” were BOTH me! And if I didn’t want my happy things knocked to the ground, I had to stop being the one knocking them down.

Another example was a dream in which I didn’t understand why my mother was saying the things she was.

I tried remembering the dream again from her point of view, and again it worked. As her, I saw exactly what she was thinking, and meaning by her words.

It’s amazing this technique can work so well. Do all dreams have such complex multiple views hidden inside them, most of which we simply are unaware?

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