Lucid Dreaming Tips

Lucid Dreaming Tips

Lucid dreaming tips: the main help in lucid dreaming, I believe, is your awareness

Lucid Dreaming tips

Lucid Dreaming tips

If you have a good memory, and remember simple things within a day, then you should have no problems with lucid dreaming at all! The inducing stage should go really smoothly. All you need to do is try to remember your will to stay conscious when you’re falling asleep. You should not be too tired, though, so any daydreaming practice or WBTB (wake-back-to-bed) is really helpful.

Otherwise, if you cannot remember to empty the garbage can and your wife (or mom) has been reminding you for several weeks already, and it’s getting even worse in other things—even important things—then congratulations to you! You have pretty much similar problems to mine; welcome to the club!

Lucid dreaming tips: the second helper, I believe, is your will or intention, if you will

Lucid Dreaming tips: intention

Lucid Dreaming tips: intention

If you have a strong will, then it’s quite enough just to think about the theme of a dream in the preceding day: let’s call it ordering a dream. And if this is enough to have the desired world of illusions at night, you’re definitely a lucky one also. And mainly all you need to do is to determine to recall yourself and your real history in the dream. The closer to the sleep time this is done, the better.

Otherwise, you have made a correct guess already! Right! Welcome to the club! And let’s define some hints, rules, practices, and so on. 🙂

Practices are the skills that you can improve over time until you need them

I hope there will be a day when I won’t need any devices or ridiculous exercises to achieve the desired state.

  1. The first and really important skill is dream recall. If you don’t remember the current dream, you cannot tell anything about your experience. Maybe you were lucid that night and simply don’t remember anything?There is a lot of advice about how to improve your dream memory.One of them is to create your dream journal. In my case, this suggestion helped a lot! Just write a few sentences for each dream. If this is done right after a dream is over, then you have a better chance of gathering more information. Later, usually in the morning, you can refresh your memory and write whole stories.The easiest way is to use a notepad and a pencil. I’m using my phone (Android device).Also, you’re welcome to post these stories right here on this portal.This works like a chain of reasons: you’re improving your memory, and someone who reads your story may get lucid dreams spontaneously! Yes, most of the time, simply reading about lucid dreaming is enough to have your own lucid dreams! Reading your own dreaming notes also increases your own chances of experiencing lucid dreaming.You’re welcome to spend several weeks to developing this first skill. A good result is the ability to remember 3-4 dreams per night.
  2. After you’ve achieved acceptable results in the first stage, and only then, you should begin working on the second step. In this step, you can go toward DILD (dream-initiated-lucid-dream) or WILD (wake-initiated-lucid dream).Please note, DILD and the first step may be combined. You have to work on improving your dream recall skill, or it will grow weaker over time.There are many more different practices, which you’ll find on this portal or somewhere else.There is one excellent point: try to maintain a “sleep schedule”, such as going to bed before 12 a.m. and sleeping no less than 8 hours per day. It is quite hard to keep awareness while being too tired, and quite hard to fall asleep if you don’t really want to.
  3. A critical mind helps in real life and in the dream world. How often you worked on some problem, hit a wall of problems, and done some things to resolve them? Being so busy doing that, you couldn’t notice obvious solutions to the problems, which might save you tons of time and energy that could be spent on resolving the main task, but instead were spent on some other stupid obstacles. This happens to me a lot!

    For example, in one of my dreams I visited one of the recent places I used to live. Walking across one of the main streets, I was heading towards the center. There were still a few miles to go. It was quite warm outside, and I was pretty packed in my clothes. So I decided to take a bus to get to the place I wanted to go.

    I boarded a bus, then took my place inside and paid for the ticket, only to find out that the bus was making a turn and heading to a different district. I left the bus and tried to figure out the appropriate path.

    As an alternative and easier way, I could catch a cab. I began to do so, and several drivers in passing cars pointed out that I was standing on the wrong side of the street. Well, I crossed the street with the thought that, if I had come here following left-hand traffic, then I needed to go back following right-hand traffic.

    What a bummer! This is definitely an example of terrible critical thinking. I was too involved in the game and so failed to notice obvious things!

Was this article helpful? Do you know some techniques that work better for you? Or, maybe, everything looks quite complicated?

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